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 proflex cushion 01

Description and usage

Proflex In-Situ cushion is a water-based acrylic system based on a blend of acrylic/polyurethane resins that provide a colour stable coating for application to asphalt or concrete substrates. Proflex In-Situ cushion is designed for use on Tennis, Netball, Basketball and volleyball courts as well as multi-use games areas Proflex In-Situ cushion provides a surface with good slip resistance that can be varied by the addition of anti slip aggregates.

Colour range

Proflex In-Situ cushion iis supplied in 5 standard colours, Standard Green, Dark Green, Brick Red, Light Blue and Dark Blue. Non standard colours are available on request.

 dark blue light blue dark green light green terracotta purple

Mix ratios

Proflex In-Situ cushion is supplied ready to use, the addition of up to 15% of water is required depending on the ambient and substrate temperature.

Wear layers Topcoat
Proflex acrylic topcoat 20 litres 20 litres
80-110 Mesh kiln dried sand 10-20 litres 0-10 litres
Clean potable Water 0-20 litres 0-10 litres


proflex cushion expand

Coverage is dependant on the surface texture and mix ratio used.

Cushion coating 2 litres / m² / mm of cushioning required
1st wear layer 0.3-0.5 litres / m²
2nd wear layer 0.3-0.5 litres / m²
Topcoat 0.4-0.6 litres / m²

Method of application

Proflex cushion coat should be applied at a rate of 1 litre per m² with a flat blade squeegee. Subsequent layers should be applied once the previous coat has dried.

The required amount of sand should be added to the Proflex acrylic top coat and mixed with a slow speed drill fitted with a suitable mixing paddle, clean water is added to achieve the required application viscosity. Proflex Acrylic top should be applied in three coats, two wear layers and a topcoat. The wear layers should be applied with a 600-1200mm flat blade rubber squeegee. The first wear layer is applied in right angles to the playing net, subsequent coats are applied parallel to the playing net. The first two coats should be checked for high spots and imperfections which should be removed and sanded either by hand or with an STR type rotary sanding machine.

Do not apply when the temperature is over 50ºC and below 10ºC. For temperatures outside of this range please consult the manufacturer.

Allow to cure for between 24 and 72 hours dependant on ambient temperature before use.

NB: When applying to a rough or heavily textured surface a Tarmac re-surfacer layer should be applied.

Tarmac re-surfacer is mixed with 110 mesh kiln dried sand at a ratio of 1:1-1.25. The application viscosity should be adjusted by the addition of clean potable water.

Drying time

Drying time is affected by the ambient temperature, relative humidity and the mix design used.
30 to 60 minutes under optimum conditions.
When applied indoors ensure adequate air movement is supplied to achieve optimum drying.