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ARMADUR S is pre-blended cementitious fireproof powder mixture, containing selected mineral hard aggregates, sulphate resistant cements and compatible admixtures.

ARMADUR S is used to create very durable topping of monolithic concrete floors. Immediately after usual fitting of the concrete slab ARMADUR S is sprinkled on the fresh wet concrete. Repeated power trowelling forms durable, smooth and non–slip surface. ARMADUR S topping provides increased resistance to the penetration of oil and grease.

Industrial floors with ARMADUR S dry shake topping are extensively used in areas where salt and sulphate resistance is required, in warehouses, factories, etc. and generally everywhere, where durable and abrasion resistant surface is required.



  • Resistance to higher duty
  • Resistance to salt and sulphate
  • Dust free
  • Cost effective
  • Fast track
  • Guaranteed quality – no site production
  • Maintenance free



ARMADUR S should be spread and screeded evenly onto the freshly laid concrete slab in one or two stages, the total amount of the material being 5 kg/m2. For an area of lighter loads reduction of the ARMADUR S amount to 3 kg/m2 is possible. After removing or evaporating bleed water from the fresh wet and fully compacted concrete the first adequate part of the powder (2.5 kg/m2, or 1.5 kg/m2) should be shake-applied evenly onto the screeded slab. The first stage should be worked into the substrate followed immediately with shaking of the second portion (2.5 kg/m2). To achieve final mechanical properties of the topping using powered trowel machines is essential. Repeated powerfloating should follow the gradual hardening of concrete. Finished floor should be cured and sealed with FLOORSEAL in the typical amount of 0.10 - 0.15 l/m2. This clear solution gives the surface additional hardening, prevents dusting and rapidly reduces liquid absorption. In accordance with the specification of slab design, joints should be created in 24 hours after completion of the floor. All joints always reach through the entire topping layer.

As a common phenomenon of repeated power trowelling, which brings tension into the surface, some very fine cracks may appear on the floor surface. This observable fact is typical for all power trowelled concrete surfaces and bears no influence on beneficial properties of the floor.



up to 3,9 cm3 / 50 cm2 - Böhme (DIN 52 108)

min. 70 MPa after 28 days        according to ON 701

ARMADUR S is supplied in 25 kg bags with PE internal insert.

ARMADUR S..................... 5 m2 / 25 kg (5 kg / m2)
FLOORSEAL..................................... 250 m2 / 25 l

ARMADUR S is supplied in natural grey colour (colour of concrete) and in green, ocker, tile red, plum, light grey and black. Possible other colours to be consulted. 

12 months from the dispatching date in original unopened packs. Protect from frost and wet conditions.



The product contains cement; therefore it is necessary to wear protective gloves and goggles. Further data are mentioned in a separate document concerning the protection of health at the work with the product and on its cover.


The instructions for the routine cleaning, repair of possible small damages and additional colour treatment of the surface are at disposal.