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General properties

TERRADUR is pre-blended cementitious powder mixture, containing selected synthetic aggregates and compatible admixtures. TERRADUR is used to create very durable topping of monolithic concrete floors. It was developed for surfaces where high abrasion resistance, long life and aesthetic appearance is required. Floors with TERRADUR dry shake topping are extensively used in shopping centres, hotels, wellness centres, banking estates, office buildings, etc. TERRADUR outlook reflects terrazzo aesthetic effect on a much more cost effective base.


Light gray
Antracit black
Tile red

Special properties

  • Resistance to higher duty
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • Dust free, easy to clean
  • Cost effective
  • Fast track
  • Several combination of colours
  • Maintenance free


Method of use

TERRADUR should be spread and screeded evenly onto the freshly laid concrete slab in two stages, the total amount of the material being 8 kg/m2. After removing or evaporating bleed water from the fresh wet and fully compacted concrete the first adequate part of the powder (4 kg/m2) should be shake-applied evenly onto the screeded slab. The first stage should be worked into the substrate using powered trowel machines equipped with plate. This procedure is followed immediately with shaking of the second portion (4 kg/m2). Repeated power floating should follow the gradual hardening of concrete. Finished floor should be cured and sealed with FLOORSEAL in the typical amount of 0.10 - 0.15 l/m2. This clear solution gives the surface additional hardening, prevents dusting and rapidly reduces liquid absorption. In accordance with the specification of slab design, joints should be created in 24 hours after completion of the floor. All joints always reach through the entire topping layer.

Grinding phases of Terradur floor in order to achieve terrazzo effect starts minimum 8-10 days after application. It is recommended to use HTC grinding machines. Phases of grinding: hard and fine grinding, polishing. It is recommended to use Diamondhard curing agent after polishing, as it increases abrasion resistance and preserves the shiny outlook of the floor


Dry shake floors 

 Name Armadur  Armatop Armadur S Terradur 
 Abraision class A6  A3  A6  A3
 With Chemcure S curing  *  A1,5  *  *
 Stress degree  Middle  Big Middle Middle
 Oil resistance  yes yes yes yes
 Consumption: kg/m2  4-6  4-6  4-6  7-912-15**

* not tested
** grout
According to MSZ EN 13892