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Benefits of the Cobiax flat slab technology

The numerous advantages of the Cobiax technology lead to an increased value for all stakeholders involved in the design and exe- cution process of concrete structures for buildings.



Void former height 100 to 260 mm
Slab depths 20 to 56 cm

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Resource efficiency leads to increased static performance, economic costing and sustainable building structures.


Weight reduction

  • Up to 35% lighter than solid flat slabs
  • Up to 15% less load acting on foundations
  • Increased freedom for structural conception

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Large spans

Up to 20 m spans

  • Flat soffits with no obstructing beams
  • Up to 40% less columns

Earthquake safety

  • Reduction of the accelerated mass
  • Eased earthquake design verification
  • Reduced damage risks

Cost effectiveness

  • Concrete and reinforcement steel savings
  • Reduced floor-to-floor height
  • Eased retrofitting of building


  • Resource efficiency trough building materials savings
  • CO2 emission reductions trough concrete volume optimization
  • Use of recycled material for Cobiax products


Principle of the Cobiax flat slab

Leave out as much concrete as possible whilst maintaining the full flexural strength of the slab and allowing a bi-axial load transfer. Maintain concrete in the structurally relevant external zones of the cross-section and create as much internal voided volumes as pos- sible. Void formers – positioned between the bottom and top rein- forcement layers – displace concrete.

The Cobiax technology and products are internationally patented


An important amount of tests and theoretical research on the subject of Cobiax slabs has been carried out by various academic institutions.
The Cobiax slab technology holds the «National Technical Approval», number Z-15.1-282, issued by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt).


The Cobiax flat slab has the same mechanical load bearing behaviour as a solid flat plate slab. The established codes for the structural dimensioning of traditional concrete flat plate slabs are compatible with the Cobiax flat slabs.


The Cobiax cage modules are positioned between the bottom and top reinforcement layers in the slab’s cross section.
The Cobiax slab can be executed in traditional in-situ concrete or in combination with semi-precast elements.

Range of application

  • The Cobiax cage modules are available in different sizes
  • and are suitable for slab depths between 20 cm and 60 (+) cm.
  • The dead-load reduction created by the void formers is in a range of 1.4 und 4.8 kN/m2 depending on their size.