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General description

Floorseal is a clear acrilyc resin polymer solution which impregnates concrete surfaces to combine all the benefits of curing, hardening and sealing. Floorseal is none-degrading and remains permanently in the concrete matrix.


Floorseal impregnates and gives a permanent, hard wearing, non-dusting surface to existing concrete or fresh wet concrete floors. It forms an effective curing membrane for fresh wet concrete. Floorseal impregnates even fresh wet concrete, sealing and protecting the concrete.

Special properties

  • Hardens concrete permanently
  • Prevents dusting
  • Anticarbonation coating
  • Simplifies operation/planing
  • Non yellowing
  • Impregnates concrete
  • Application same day as concrete laid

Method of use

Floorseal maybe sprayed onto newly laid concrete immediately after the final powerfloating. After finishing the concrete Floorseal should be applied evenly, as a fine mist spray, from a low pressure sprayer onto concrete free from surface water.

In hot weather store Floorseal containers in a cool place prior to use. When stored below 0°C Floorseal may thicken which could make spraying less easy.

Floorseal is also ideal to apply to mature concrete surfaces provided these are clean and have no free surface water. Water/lubricant used in joint sawing may cause white discoloration if the Floorseal not completely cured.

Floorseal provides an in surface seal and spills of hydraulic/oil etc. should be cleaned promptly to avoid risk of staining. If this advice is not followed MMI has knowledge of cleaning compounds which may reduce staining of the floor.

Equipment cleaning

Flush sprayers and nozzles thoroughly with Floorseal Solvent and allow to drain before and after the use. Do not use sprayers which have ever been used to spray silicones or release agents.


Store in a frost free, well ventilated place in closed containers away from open flames, etc. Avoid inhalation and eye/skin contact.

Notes for guidence

After allowing Floorseal acrylic resin curing/sealing/dust-proofing agent to dry completely the main contractor should suitably protect the concrete surface from risk of contamination by oil and other spills and from mechanical damage during site operations. Any excess Floorseal applied to the concrete surface may be cleaned of the surface as part of the normal cleaning process at the end of the contract period and should be carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. All new and mature concrete surfaces to be treated, must be clean and free from contaminants prior to the application of Floorseal.