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Densitop® LT is a slip-resistant flooring with extremely high resistance to wear and impact, and good chemical resistance. It is used in areas subject to very heavy wear and impact or where there are strict hygiene requirements.

Densitop® LT is a blend of a highstrength cement-based dry mortar (Densit® Basic) and aggregates (Densidur S2-5), that mixes with water to give a stiff mortar. Densitop® LT is applied as a 15-25 mm thick layer onto new or existing base concrete. Various colours are available.


  • The base concrete is prepared by planing, scabbling, water saturation and priming.
  • The Densitop® Basic dry mortar and Densidur S2-5 aggregates are mixed with water in a batch mixer.
  • The mortar is laid and vibrated as a 15-25 mm thick layer.
  • The surface is power-floated.
  • Finally, the surface is sealed with AQUASEAL or by sand saturation.


Properties Standard Value 1 day 7 days 28 days
Compressive strength (MPa) EN 12190
Flexural strength (MPa)  EN 196
Wear resistance (cm3/50 cm2) DIN 52 108 6-7
Impermeability  DIN 18130  Not permeable
Freeze-thaw resistance  SS 137244 Very good
Impermeability DIN 1048 Water penetration
< 1 mm
Slip resistance DIN 51130 R 10
Coefficient of expansion EN 1770  µm = 10·10-6/°C
Electrical conductivity (Ω) Force method 105 dry
104 wet
Setting time (hours) EN 196-3 6-8
Density (kg/m3) EN 12190 2500