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Concrete Curing Liquid


An aqueous solution of metallic silicates which when applied to fresh concrete forms a micro crystalline seal in the pores, reducing the evaporation of moisture from the mix thus assisting in the efficient curing of the concrete.

Unlike resin based curing membranes, which degrade on concrete surfaces, Chemcure S becomes a permanent integral part of the surface. The porosity of the concrete is slightly reduced but numerous trials carried out on both cast and trowelled surfaces with a large number of coatings, membranes and treatments indicate no loss of adhesion. However various factors influence the adhesion of any material to the surface and hence we would recommend that site trials are carried out to demonstrate the compatibility of the proposed system.


Non staining, non toxic, ideally suited for reservoirs and other potable water retaining structures.
Water based, ideal for use in areas of poor ventilation.
Aids concrete to attain maximum hydration, strength, durability and surface hardness.
Shrinkage with associated hairline cracking and crazing greatly reduced in vertical and horizontal applications.
Available with a fugitive non-staining dye to assist application if required.
Extremely economical and easily applied using Nufins Spray Equipment.
Silane compatible.
Technical Information

Approved by Water Research Council for use with potable water.

Application Instructions

  • On vertical surfaces immediately after stripping formwork, thoroughly dampen the surface with clean water and spray Chemcure S at a rate of 1 litre per 5.5 - 6.0 m2.
  • On horizontal surfaces ensure that there is no free water on the surface before spraying at a rate of 1 litre per 5.5 - 6.0 m2.
  • Avoid any ponding on the concrete surface.
  • Clean all equipment with water and avoid contact with glass or paint work.



Chemcure S is supplied in 210 litre containers.


Chemcure S should not be allowed to freeze and must be kept out of the reach of children. All containers should be resealed after use.

Health & Safety

Rubber gloves, boots and goggles should be used during application. Accidental splashes on the skin should be washed with soap and water and any contaminated clothing removed. Contact with eyes should be avoided and if any accidental contamination does occur they should be washed with copious amounts of water and medical attention sought. If swallowed do not induce vomiting and seek medical aid.


Chemcure S is a curing aid and under conditions of excessive heat and/or a drying wind it is recommended that horizontal surfaces be covered with a polythene sheet for the first few hours of curing. This sheet will not stick to the surface and can be re-used many times. Chemcure S must not be used prior to powerfloating. When Chemcure S is being used on power floated surfaces or with dryshake 'hardeners', we recommend the floor is washed with clean water the following day to remove excess silicate.

Technical Note

Chemcure S, when used in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations, does not cause staining. Concrete ‘staining’ can be caused by a number of factors on which our Technical Department can advise.

Technical Support

Through our technical department and laboratories we can offer a comprehensive service to specifiers and contractors.

Technical representatives are available throughout the UK to provide further information and arrange demonstrations.