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General Description

Boltfix is a fast setting polyester resin grout, supplied as a 2 component system consisting of a resin and aggregate. It is supplied in standard or thixotropic grades designed to grout anchor bars in horizontal, vertical and inverted situations.
Boltfix is also supplied in summer and winter grade.


For the rapid installation of machinery and steel-work fixing bolts, starter bars and other anchors into concrete or masonry substrates, where rapid strength gain is required.

Special properties

  • high early strength
  • fast setting
  • water tolerant
  • easy to use
  • easily mixed in small quantities as required
  • tolerates vibration whilst curling

Method of use

All surfaces, including fixings, shoud be free from oil, grease or other contamination. Holes should be drilled with a rotary percussion drill with air or water flush and all loose material and dust removed with a compressed air line or a brush.
When mixing 2.5 litre packs add the aggreagte component to the resin in the container provided and mix slowly until an even consistency is achieved.
The 10 litre packs can be mixed using the measuring containers provided by adding one large measure of aggregate t one small measure of resin and mixing as for a 2.5 litre pack. 10 litre packs can also be mixed complete using a mechanical mixer (e.g. Mixall type) or an Armorex Mixing Paddle clamped in a slow speed drill.
The standard Boltfix grade should be poured slowly into the bottom of the hole taking care to avoid any air locks or voids. Apply the thixotropic grade using a cartridge in an Armorex Barrel Gun and a length of tubing equal to the depth of the hole. The grout should be placed into the back of the hole and the gun withdrawn slowly whilst still pumping in the grout. The fixings should then be placed slowly ensuring that the entire length is in contact with the grout. Do not tisturb the fixingsuntul the grout has hardened.
Clean any grout from tools, mixer, etc. before it has hardened using Armorex Cleaning Solvent.

Technical data

Comprehensive strength 85N/mm2 -  after 2 hours
110 N/mm2 - after 7 days
Tensile strength 18N/mm2
Flextural strength 30N/mm2