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Armour Joint1

ARMOURJOINT is a leave-in-place formwork & load transfer system designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of today’s industrial concrete floors. ARMOURJOINT surpasses the requirements of TR34 3rd Edition.

ARMOURJOINT stands for superior performance through innovative design.

Slap panel edge amouring
ARMOURJOINT provides heavy duty protection and armouring to slab panel edges by way of two solid, high specification, cold drawn steel sections each 40mm deep x 10mm thick. The steel armouring is anchored to the concrete with shear studs. Each and every shear stud is factory inspected and tested to ensure the integrity of it’s weld to the steel armouring.
Dowel design
ARMOURJOINT leads the way with a unique and revolutionary ‘asymmetrical dowel’. Most other traditional joint systems are designed such that the dowel is positioned centrally across the joint when the joint is closed. From the moment the joint opens, dowel engagement on the free side reduces, thus moving away from a condition of equal dowel engagement on both sides of the joint. Ultimately, with large joint openings there is a risk of the dowel becoming totally disengaged on the free side, the complete loss of load transfer across the joint and a failed floor. ARMOURJOINT works differently. As the joint opens, ARMOURJOINT moves towards a condition of equal dowel engagement. Even at a maximum joint opening of 30mm, each side of the joint has a class leading 60mm of dowel engagement. ARMOURJOINT dowels are made from a high grade S355 steel (355N/mm2 yield strength).

!Please note all opened joints must be filled with a suitable sealant to reduce the impact from traffic across the joint. This sealant must be periodically repaired or replaced as required in order to maintain joint service life.

Sleeve design
The sleeve’s purpose is to form a barrier between the steel dowel and the concrete and allow the concrete to release in two horizontal planes (parallel to the joint and perpendicular to the joint) on the free side of the joint. Vertical displacement between adjacent slab panels is undesirable as this can lead to a reduction in floor and joint life. ARMOURJOINT sleeves are designed to allow up to ± 20mm parallel movement along the joint before the joint opens up. Other joint systems allow zero parallel movement between slab panels (i.e. along deck levellers) and can cause slab lock-up. The long term performance of a concrete floor is highly dependent upon the quality and performance of the joint system.

  • Two high specification solid, cold drawn 40mm deep x 10mm thick steel armour edge strips with sharp corners for clean finish to concrete.
  • Diameter 10mm x 100mm long, shear studs for anchorage into concrete.
  • Frangible fastening system temporarily holding steel armouring in place during concrete casting.
  • Unique asymmetric dowel, high grade 355N/mm2 steel for superior load transfer and maximum 30mm joint openings. Available in 8mm or 12mm thickness at 600mm or 430mm centres.
  • Cold rolled steel plate.
  • High density plastic sleeve for release of dowel in concrete, with ± 20mm parallel movement along joint and 30mm perpendicular to joint.
Other Features:
  • Overlapping, joint-to-joint, joining arrangement with simple fastening system.
  • Full range of intersections available and precision height adjustment at installation using ARMOURFIX Jack.
  • Also available in stainless steel, hot dip galvanised and factory fitted foam strip.