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water based curing agent for concrete surfaces

General properties

Az Aquaseal is a liquid wax-based membrane, which should be spray or roller applied onto fresh laid concrete surface. The product is specially formulated for impregnation of fresh laid cementitious repair mortars and concrete floors. Its application reduces moisture loss in the early stages of maturing, eliminates the risk of micro cracking and improves the durability and resistance of the surface.

Special properties

  • Easy application in 24 hour after concrete placing
  • Water based product
    Replaces additional watering
  • Improved durability of the surfaces
  • Micro cracking risk elimination
  • Same day application when concrete placed
  • Method of use

Substrate preparation
Aquaseal should be applied onto fresh laid concrete after its final mechanical treatment. Concrete substrate should be free of water and impurities.


The typical way of use is to apply it on the top of ARMADUR dry shake floor.
The substrate should be divided into adequate parts, where the specified quantity of the sealer should be used.
Aquaseal should be spray-applied; its application by paintbrush, roller or rubber squeegee is possible. One coat is usually sufficient for effective curing of the surface.
In especially dry conditions or in draught after Aquaseal drying the concrete could be immediately covered with textile or plastic sheets, shaded and protected from direct wind and fast drying. After drying out the sealer it is not neccessary to clean the remainders, which do not penetrate to the substrate. They are gradually removed by usual traffic.
Using the product at fresh laid concrete gives the surface especially sealing and protection against rapid moisture loss. Aquaseal provides higher surface resistance to water and oil penetration. In spite of that such substances must be always removed from the surface to prevent spot development. Stains produced during joint cutting may cause a local discoloration if Aquaseal is not completely dry. For additional successive coats on the surface treated by Aquaseal it is neccessary to make a copmatibility test on a smaller area.

Technical data

Volume weight: (density) 1.050 kg/m3 ±5%

Packing: Aquaseal is supplied in 20 l cans and in 120 l drums

Coverage/Yield: 10 m2/litre, i.e. 0,10 litre/m2

Drying time

The surface is to

uch dry after 2-4 hours at 20°C. Completely dry after 24 hours at 20°C.

Curing efficiency

90% permeability reduction when applied 10 m2/litre in comparison with untreated concrete.

Shelf life

6 months from the dispatching date in original unopened containers. Protect from frost and wet conditions.

Tools cleaning

Sprayers and nozzles should be thoroughly cleaned with clear water. Do not use sprayers that were used for spraying with silicones or release agents (oils).

Safety and helath protection

Aquaseal is a non-toxic stuff. Use protective clothing including goggles and suitable gloves. If eyes are affected, irrigate them thoroughly with water and apply boric water. In case of ingestion seek immediate medical care. Do not induce vomiting! In case of skin affection wash it immediately with soap and water. For further information refer to a special document concerning the health protection when working with the product and on pack labels.